Artist Manifesto

After a lecture on Manifestos and Typography, our 2nd Assignment was to create an artist manifesto in pairs.

An art manifesto can be defined as “a public declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of an artist or artistic movement”. From the lecture, I found that the manifestos which resonated with me the most were those of the Guerilla Girls, however, for our own manifesto the first work that came to mind was a book that I had read a few years prior – Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon.

Steal Like An Artist is a book that real stuck with me and that up until this lecture, I had never thought of as a manifesto – yet I have come to realize that that is exactly what it is. The ideas I read in that book have definitely influenced a lot of my approaches to art and thus I felt that I drew a lot of inspiration from this book, consciously and unconsciously, when it came to making this manifesto.

Making the manifesto as a booklet was a way to make it more practical and interactive – an aspect I really enjoyed from Steal Like An Artist. Being able to freely flick through a book and be inspired by what is on that page.

The manifesto was collaborative and my partner and I both wrote a list of important aspects of making art, a lot of which coincided, before writing it all down in our manifesto.

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