Janette Parris (Artist Talks)

”Janette Parris is a contemporary artist who uses the everyday as the basis for much of her work. She works across different media including: drawing, animation, and performance (musical and theatre). She creates strongly narrative work, often in the form of comic strips to capture the humorous essence of life, while reflecting a dry and self-effacing look at the world.

Janette Parris work has been exhibited across the UK and internationally, and in 2003, she was commissioned to produce a series of works for the ‘Art on the Underground’ programme by London Underground. In 2010, Parris’s animated video Talent was shown at Tate Britain’s Rude Britannia exhibition. In 2014 Parris was a Connect10 artist for Museums At Night 2014. In 2014 her online comic Arch was exhibited in Comics Unmasked the largest comic exhibition in the UK at the British Library.”

Quoted from http://www.peckhamplatform.com/artists/janette-parris

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