Final Painting

Once completed – I curated the placement of my painting alongside other more abstract paintings that were made relation to form and colour.

Below is my Artist Statement:

My artwork is an oil painting created based on a writing stimulus received in class. The writing consisted of the words: triangle, circle and square, printed repeatedly in the colours red, blue, green and yellow with some of the words being layered on top of one another towards the centre of the page. From this stimulus, my aim with my painting was to visualize the effect of the written words through shapes and perspective and to attempt to recreate this in a more solid and 3-Dimensional space.

In preparation, I knew my focus would be on primary colours (yellow, red, blue) and simple shapes (circle, square, triangle). I started my research with Bauhaus movement, focusing on Wassily Kandinsky. In Kandinsky’s work, I was fascinated by his intrigue in a universal aesthetic in terms of the relationship between shape and form. (Murray, 2016) He believed that shape and colour complimented each other and I based some of my initial sketches on this, experimenting with the arrangement of shape and colour. I settled with the triangles being yellow due to both the shape and colour being associated with a certain sharpness; the circles blue as both the shape and colour relate to an infinite space due to the lack of edges of a circle and blue being linked to the skies and seas and finally; squares being red, a more earthbound colour.

From my sketches, I chose a piece which depicts a simple architectural space, like those by Rene Daniels, which when rendered in perspective look like bow ties (, 2016). In the centre of the space is a seemingly disorganized collection of the shapes, from the left, top and right are divided 3-dimensional portrayals of squares, circles and triangles which seem to be flying off the canvas, and finally the bottom with arranged rows of the shapes towards the centre of the space.

To begin my work, I made a stretch canvas with the 100 x 75 cm dimensions and painted the canvas a solid grey for my background. The grey background against the vivid primary colours was inspired by the video game Cubefield, a game which uses simple shape and graphics to create an immersive game. The use of perspective was also something that I wanted to incorporate to make my painting similarly immersive.

In this space, I wanted to play around with making the shapes look lively and almost pull you in, as I personally felt that from the piece of writing – that it portrayed an almost organized and computerized mess.

Once completed, I curated my painting alongside other abstract paintings which were also made in relation to form and colour to complement one another.

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