(Film Project) Week 1 – Initial Planning

Once we were put into our groups, we started brainstorming ideas for our film. From our discussion and mindmapping we recognised that all our suggestions had a thing in common, which was incorporating humour into our art film. We finally agreed to make a video on critiquing art, inspired by our lecturers  (who would be critiquing) our art.

In terms of the presentation of this film, we wanted to make it in an old fashioned (50’s, 60’s) style and humourous instructional video, where we would have different steps to becoming an art critic, with each step being inspired by a lecturer.

Our steps were initially as shown below:


But later developed into:

Step 1 – Choose your style (based on Angus)

Step 2 – Speech and Language (based on Ciara)

Step 3 – Mannerisms and Flamboyant Gestures (based on Mark)

Step 4 – Master Reader (based on Tina)

After the rough idea, we had another group meeting where we distributed our different responsibilities. This was our initial plan for who was in charge of what, but this also changed later on in the week.


For the roles of each lecturer we had Olivia playing Angus, Emily playing Ciara, Laura playing Mark and Anna playing Tina whilst I was the camera man.

In the end, we worked together for setting and location, as we already knew we wanted to use the AV studio due to the space – the main setting we needed was a white background. Laura was responsible for costumes and props, Olivia for the script and vocal research (as she was the narrator), Emily researched music and editing and Anna was responsible for creating the storyboard below:


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