Film Research

Since I was in charge of the filming, I did research into the different film styles we wanted to achieve, starting my research with 1950’s tutorial videos which were surprisingly common. They were the videos we had in mind with our initial plan but weren’t necessarily as interactive between the narrator and actors as we wanted our film to be. What I found interesting in these was the humour of the videos which give ridiculous tips on what today would be seen as quite obvious topics (as seen below) – yet these videos were probably seen more seriously in their time.

What we did want to incorporate from these videos was the style of the introductions and the look of the film. Since we want our film to seem like it’s from this era we decided we would make it black and white and include effects to make it look more crackly and more like the videos above.

For my research I also looked into Wes Anderson’s filming styles as he is also a director that a lot of us in the group like. In his films he has a tendency to separated the movie into parts which he will title. I thought we could incorporate scenes such as in 0:28 in the video below, with our text where we introduce the different steps.

I also looked into whether we could include different close ups of objects in the film like Wes Anderson does (with books especially), to highlight there importance.

Youtube Vlogger Will Darbyshire also does a similar thing with his belonging from 0:42 in his video below, which I considered incorporating.

But we decided it was a bit of a more modern approach to film that wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate and that having a comic hand giving the props to the characters from off-screen would be better.

For the voice of the narrator we looked into old British army recruitment videos and documentary – having the contrast of this serious voice portraying quite humorous content.



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