(Film Project) Week 3 – Filming, Recording and Editing

In the third week, we finished filming a few scenes we couldn’t do before as we weren’t all free at the same time, and reshot Olivia’s scene as we had a new idea to incorporate into that scene where she would more literally blend in with art (the paintings we made below), to have it more humorously interact with the narration.

We then started to work on the editing, which Emily had done the tutorial for and was in charge of. We worked together testing different parts of the editing and choosing effects. We had a bit of an issue as we had two different quality videos and formats due to the camera switch, but with help from Angus it didn’t end up having too noticeably an effect on the video.


Once we had done the basic editing, we recorded the Olivia’s narration – once again there were a few issues with the mic’s at first but we finally did get to record her parts and add them onto the video where we continued to find different sound effects to make it sound more vintage and incorporated music and other sound effects to our video. We also found the right visual effects that we wanted and just have a few finishing touches to add to our film before it is ready for the screening.

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