Printing with a car

For Week 6, I took part in the printmaking with a car workshop. Printing is a medium that I’m not very familiar with and was looking forward to learning about.

At the beginning of the workshop, we started off by being introduced to the different tool used to carve a print and materials we would be carving into, either wood or MDF. To start of we each had to individually carve an image into your chosen material (I chose MDF) and we would start off with those small prints.

After carving the image, we then went on to print the images. We learned to distribute the ink evenly onto the MDF and then had to place the MDF carefully into a piece of paper, before using a press to print the image onto the piece of paper. I was quite happy with the result of my print and especially liked the ones that were slightly more faded.

Once we had completed our individual prints, we were split up into groups to make the larger print that we would press with a car. My group decided to make an image of a car which we carved out together.

We then spread ink on the MDF. It proved to be a lot more challenging to distribute the ink due to the size of the paper and it was quite difficult to tell if it was completely covered after the first layer of ink. Working as a group did make it significantly easier.

Once the ink was layered, we finally got to press the print using a car. What this entailed was placing the MDF of a sheet of paper and placing them between two wooden planks which the car would drive over in order to press the ink onto the paper.

The finally step carefully peeling the MDF of the sheet to reveal the print, and then putting on a rack to dry.

Overall we were quite happy with the result and made a few more copies of the print. I really enjoyed the workshop and working with this medium.

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