Museum of English Rural Life – Commissioned Group Exhibition

We set up for exhibition a couple of hours before the opening. We first transported everything from the art department to the Museum of English Rural life.


We then set everything up on the table with the place settings facing each other.


Below is how our set up looked, we were very happy with the results and think that it had a good response from the audience!



For our first project, we were commissioned to make an immersive sound experience for the Museum of English Rural Life, that would be showcased during a MERL Late evening at the museum. Our idea influenced by museum was to have a placemats which represented the combination of the industrial and nature in farm life, where it is considered to be a natural environment but is relatively controlled by the industrial. We had these seemingly contrasting ideas link with the same base of the placemat. The hands and setting showing that they are still linked. We also emphasised the relationship between the industrial and the natural by having opposing soundscapes with the placemats.

The overall experience of group work for a commission was quite enjoyable for me. I think our group worked very well together despite some difficulties such as having a unsuccessful concrete hand cast. I also really enjoyed working from the commission as although initially it seemed really limited working from a concrete theme, it was fun to explore and see how very differently everyone interpreted the same project and yet it all came together in a really nice setting during the exhibition. The audience seemed to enjoy the immersive experience as well so I found to project to be a valuable experience that I hope to do again!

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