Week 5: Final touches

The week of our final exhibition, we worked on the final touches of our place settings. For our natural place settings we created covered the cutlery and cup in leaves, and decided to buy flowers to incorporate into the place mat.

For our industrial place setting, we were planning on having a cast of a hand with concrete, but unfortunately the time didn’t allow the concrete to dry fast enough as we had put too much water for the mixture. So we kept a plaster hand which we filled with concrete and dipped the cutlery in concrete as well. We also filled the cup with concrete and added a toy truck into the place setting.


With the place setting practically complete, the final step with had was to create the soundscapes. We did this by using a many samples from the sound bible.

The natural soundscape for the industrial place setting having sounds like the wind, birds chirping and farm animals.

The industrial soundscape had sounds like construction, drilling and car horns.


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