Group Presentation on Tony Oursler and Ida Applebroog

Tony Oursler & Ida Applebroog
Fan Fiction

Fact Giver: Khadija
Narrator: Hadis
Tony: Enno
Ida: Becca

Fact Giver: Today we are going to give our presentation in the form of a fan fiction. Enno is Tony Oursler, Becca is Ida Applebroog, Hadis the narrator and I am the fact giver. Enjoy!

Narrator: The sun filters through the gallery skylight onto Tony’s furrowed brow. He had wasted his whole day trying to fix his installation, whilst occasionally swiping right on some geriatric art hotties. Nothing exciting had happened today but then… he got a match.

Ida: Hey Tony, wanna hook up? I bet you could even make the Mona Lisa smile.

Narrator: The message read. Tony smiled.

Tony: Finally, someone with some chat. And she’s a fitty too, look at those folds, I can’t wait to explore those bad boys. I wonder what her art looks like…

Fact Giver: Well Tony I can help you there… Ida Applebroog was born in 1929 and considers herself a generic artist. When she first started out as an artist Applebroog made books from drawings she had done. Applebroog would then use her printing press to mail the books to other artists she admired.
She then transitioned into narrative and video art. Before, making 3-d vellum paper sculptures. She would layer these sculpture with rhoplex, however rhoplex was found to be carcinogenic and taken off the market, so she had to start painting.

Tony: Ooo sounds like a dangerous lady… maybe she’s a risk taker…

Fact Giver: With her paintings Applebroog felt she could simulate the strokes of the sculptures with paint. People now see her as a painter, however, Applebroog sees herself as still working with structure and staging.
Applebroog sees a problem with feminism in art. She had to fight herself to become a female artist and remembers one lecturer praising her work because ‘it looked like a man had done it.’ Applebroog said it took her years to realise and resent this sexist compliment. She does not consider herself as political or a feminist artist, she hates being labelled and hates the way it restricts artists.

Tony: Hmm that sounds pretty good, she seems to hate being put in a box, I like that… I better reply.

Narrator: Tony smashed out a message to send back…

Tony: Sure Ida, you look like someone who’s lived a little… winky face 😉

Narrator: Ida blushed as she read Tony’s message.

Ida: Oh, I better research him… just so I know what he’s into…

Fact Giver: Well Ida Tony Oursler was born in 1957.

Ida: Oh, I do love a younger man.

Fact Giver: Oursler is an American and multimedia artist. He is known for his fractured narrative videos tapes. These works consists of complex sound tracks, painted sets, stop-action animation and optical special effects. Oursler’s early works were exhibited in alternative spaces and museums to create immersive experiences.

Ida: I love it being immersive…

Fact Giver: In 1991 Oursler began working with small LCD video projectors. He then began to use dolls and dummies in his work that were made of soft cloth figures, with expressive animated faces. Oursler created a series of installations that combined found objects with video projections.

Narrator: Tony and Ida agreed a place to meet

Ida: Oh Tony, I didn’t think you’d bring me here

Tony: I know the restricted area of the MOMA is one of the hidden gems of the art world … if you believe in the bourgeois idea of an art world anyway.

Ida: Oh, you’re spoiling me.

Tony: So, Ida tell me about yourself.

Ida: Before the age of 45 I was a struggling artist trying to support my four children. So, I hope you don’t mind being a step-father Tony… only joking

Tony: Oh, Ida you are so funny, anyway tell me more about your work.

Ida: I tend to explore themes of gender, sexual identity, politics and violence.

Tony: Oh, so you like it rough then.

Ida: Oh, Tony you’re so naughty.

Tony: Well go on take of those spanx darling.

Ida: Tony not so fast, I need to get to know you more first.

Tony: Well, I’m married to Jaqueline Humphrey’s but I guess you don’t need to know that. I tend to keep my personal life private as I want my art to speak for me. Anyway Ida, why are we focusing on me, when you are so irresistible.

Ida: Really, me?

Tony: Yeah, you motherfucker.

Fact Giver: Fun fact guys, Tony’s installation ‘Judy’ in fact used that exact phrase: ‘Yeah you motherfucker!” ‘Judy; was made in 1993 and explored the relationship between mass media and multiple personality disorder. It used Oursler’s signature projections and cloth dummies. The room was full of animations and sounds, making a fully immersive experience. Anyway Ida, you were about to reply…

Ida: Oh, Tony you’re so forward…

Narrator: As they looked into each other’s eyes a spark filled the room. Their chemistry was electric. Age was but a number. The restricted room door flew shut, as the spanx flew out the window.

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