Sarah Bahbah

As we begin to start thinking about our own practice this term, I initially considered working in plaster, but over the past few weeks after some research I’m leaning towards maybe more photography/film projects. This is particularly because I’ve really liked the work of Sarah Bahbah, a photographer who heavily uses social media like Instagram as a platform for her work.

Her work particularly is known for being an explicit transparent exploration of the internal voices of young females. She especially explores emotional freedom and the power of embracing indulgence. Her work has an aspect of making the private – public with her colourful 90’s inspired episodes. Her aim for her art is to empower women to abandon self-censorship and take ownership over indulgences.

Bahbah described these episodes as glimpses into her own life. With characters with taboo thoughts for women, which at times are things she wished she had said in past moments. With the dialogue on the photos Bahbah aims to change the expectations from women, showing them as unfiltered.


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