Christmas Project


For Christmas we were set a project where we had to make a piece in response the Autumn project of another student in our department. We were paired by our course coordinator and I was paired with Will Fowler (

Will’s work was with poetry and his final piece was a performance which created a highly immersive experience of a poem with sound and visuals. Will said he aimed to “expand the poem into a multi-media, multi-sensory event, thereby breaking the boundaries in which poetry operates”. I found this very interesting and really liked the idea of incorporating poetry into art – as although I do a joint Art and English, I hadn’t thought to ever incorporate the English aspect of my course into work and was keen to explore this.

I decided to make a sound piece because I really enjoyed working with sound on the MERL project and wanted to explore this more, and also because sound is generally the part of an immersive experience that I find to be most poignant. I initially was going to work with a prewritten poem and wanted to layer sounds which I felt reflected the feelings and meaning behind the poem. However, I found that this quite challenging in terms of trying to correlate other sounds to a poem which I hadn’t written without it feeling quite oversimplified. So I looked into writing my own poem and used Will’s “Ode to Autocorrect” after experimenting with it.

I really liked the use of predictive text when writing the poem because although it didn’t really make sense in a literal sense, I felt the phrases did feel like a reflection of my everyday texts and typing. It was strange but interesting to kind of exposed to a reflection of my everyday life as a phone user but without a real control of what is being shown as it’s predictive. This made me consider using this sound piece to kind of be a reflection of my relationship with my phone, a device which I document a lot of my life on and after long use carries a lot information that reflect a lot of things about me. I decided to layer the sound of my typing on the phone and had several sound clips from videos from my life throughout the year that I had a taken and saved (and mostly forgotten about) on my Snapchat.

The end result is below:

I was quite satisfied with the result as I found it an interesting process and it feels like quite a personal piece that reflects a part of my life that I would have never thought to explore in my work.

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