Holly Pester

Holly Pester is a poet and multidisciplinary writer working through archives and written histories, with gossip, radical tales and dream logic. Pester has featured in readings, performances and sound installations at Segue, New York, dOCUMENTA 13, the Serpentine Poetry Marathon. Her book,  go to reception and ask for Sara in red felt tip is a collection of archive fan-fiction (Book Works 2015) and her album,  Common Rest (Test Centre 2016) is a collection of collaborative lullabies and sound poems. She is lecturer in Poetry and Performance at University of Essex.
Here are notes I took from her talk:
  • Relation with research practice and poetry
  • Objects of focus – methods
  • Unfixed order between idea and material and where the author fits into that
  • Influence – Hannah Weiner, schizophrenic, hallucinating text: claimed condition as her clairvoyance, transcribed hallucination The Fast – locked in her apartment, starving herself, hallucinating constantly, moves into sink Clairvoyance Journal
  • Archive engagement
  • Hypnagogic hallucination – space between sleep and consciousness
  • Hallucination as a method -> Gossip as a method
  • Piece in a telephone box outside the RA. On the telephone, you’re giving power to others into your space – friend is closest version of the other to you. e gendered history of gossip
  • Energetic gossip – gossip as a material that protects information
  • Book project at goldsmith’s
  • Common Rest – vinyl record with book of poems inside – lullaby as a method and a material as a way to think about care and friendship – 7 artists compared a lullaby together, outside idea of the cradle song. Lullaby as a gift to another. Experimental sound pieces
  • Daydreamy

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