Chloe Wise

Chloe Wise is a Canadian artist whose works relates to the female form and its often sexualised portrayal within art history to the consumption of food, which tends to be advertised in a sensual way (which she finds comedic).

  • In the past (particularly Preraphaelites), paintings of women looking away posed elegantly without “knowledge” – like a still life of fruit of family heirloom
  • There’s a link of fruit with fertility
  • Also links to the luxury/wealth/abundance of what the women pose with in the paintings
  • Links between fruit and beauty – where it is momentary and is captured before it will wilt and decay
  • Food advertisements will play onto to the viewer’s desire, it’ll be slow motion & erotic in its movement with carnal desires played into
  • Food & sex are similarly visually, description of food e.g sinful, decadent ooze of cake, moist layers
  • Stickiness and shininess denote desire, sweaty and sexy (implicates this in the painting, makes you wonder which is the subject and which is the object)

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