Week 4 Presentation Piece

Here is my completed painting for Week 4:


From our group critique, here are the notes I took:

  • Archimboldo – fruit people painting
  • Pre-raphaelite paintings of women
  • Sarah Lucas – Egg and Kebab; influence
  • Glenn brown
  • Life drawing – quick sketches before doing big oil painting
  • Explore subtlety sexually – Sarah Lucas in your face
  • 60s feminism – challenging the “consuming of females”
  • Thinking about what she’s wearing, black dress (president’s club)
  • Manet nudes
  • Randomly finding things – but experimenting with photography to inform photography
  • Use real fruit – paint around it?
  • Peter Greenaway
  • Cook Thief wife and her lover – scene of woman being prepared
  • Sam Taylor-Johnson – decay of fruit (time-lapse)
  • More physicality – try experimenting with chalk, charcoal and pastel

Further notes I took from my one-on-one the next week expanded on the way I could develop my work further and artists to look into:

  • Martha Rosler, Vietnam War vs American dream – idea that women of her wealth and background were trying to getting equality; Collages – original ones were cut out collages and now are digital collages; Semiotics of the kitchen
  • Artists branding consumerism with women’s body’s
  • Pop art – idea of consumerism, mass marketing
  • Charlie Booker, subliminal advertising – media manipulating
  • Advertising and marketing to presenting
  • Quick videos, animated gifs (could alter how I could paint)
  • David Blandy – idea of mass media and video gaming, dialogue and visuals that people are seeing on their phone
  • Larry Achiampong; Start with a screengrab – small scale projections
  • Julian Schnabel – painted on plates
  • Jasper johns
  • Andy Warhol Brillo box

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