Plate paintings

I decided to experiment with painting on some plates. My idea was to create a visual link to women and their bodies with the food industry. By having the audience link my representation of Emily Ratajowski’s Love Advent calendar video directly with consumption due to it being on a plate. I also stuck some real pasta on the plate, where it seems strange and out of place (as it feels in the video), despite it being something explicitly for consumption.

My second painting was linking to the idea of health fads, with foods such as avocado and coconut water being almost fetishized on social media platforms such as Instagram. Where despite it being healthy, it can be seen to have a rather dark side as it often relates to an ideal portrayal of a woman. There is a pressure to be healthy in order to look a certain way, which is particularly dangerous for impressionable young girls with access to these platforms. It is a more subtle way of bringing up this issue which could be related.

I found it interesting to work with whilst experimenting, but I am not sure how I would curate this in an exhibition, I am quite set on having an oil painting as the central part of the piece and will see if this will develop further.


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