Draft Statement

Draft Statement

  • oil painting portrait of woman with branded and unbranded food products
  • Possibly could use the plates? Creates a piece that immediately brings the audience to the thoughts of consuming by using a plate
  • Portrait alongside plates – how to curate?
  • Chloe Wise = first inspiration, relates female for and its sexualized portrayal to the consumption of food – food & sex similar visuals, I was intrigued by this relation between food and women after seeing how women are consistently used in advertising in Senegal, though in a different cultural context still creates this idea of women as something to be consumed
  • Looked more into the historical portrayal of women as passive, bodies presented for pleasure – aim to create a portrait that resonates with this, with the asymmetrical gaze of the woman that creates a male fantasy
  • Include sense of consumerism with branded foods – Warhol influence of art being created for the consumer (relates to advertisements of women ? Emily Ratajowski in food pleases the male consumer)
  • Bring together high culture of pre-raphaelite style painting to the more available and “low” culture of consumerism.
  • Ideas of also health fads maybe? With the plate with the avocado and coconut water, ideas of gaining the ideal body from the media by following these diets (popular but expensive)

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