Week 11 Piece

This is my finished piece for the week 11 exhibition and it was quite well received! Some of the comments I got from a brief group crit were:

  • Sense of sexualisation with the bed, and the clothing off the shoulder
  • Holding the Ketchup almost like a child, Ketchup linked to bodily fluid (influence Paul McCarthy)
  • More detail in the centre of the face, directs your gaze straight to the eyes at first. Less detail in the clothing and food in lap etc – (although I did not do this intentionally, I really liked that it was the effect it and will incorporate it in my next painting
  • Vivid background – pop-art influence, changes the perspective a little
  • Sense of consumerism

Overall based on these responses I feel that I’ve successfully had the effect I wanted and will incorporate what people found effective (e.g vivid background, pose, gaze etc) in my accompanying painting over Easter

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