Rachael Minott

Today we had Rachael Minott, an Art student Alumni come in to give us a talk about her experiences whilst at university as well as her after she graduated.

I found her talk extremely inspiring as a lot of her processes into her 3rd year were quite similar to what I’ve experienced. Rachael had also been on a study abroad and found herself a bit lost when getting back into the swing of the studio module in Reading.

I had earlier considered doing a project relating to my Senegalese cultural background as it is something I’ve always wanted to do work into but haven’t really looked into whilst at university, and Rachael’s practice at university was linked her Jamaican heritage so it gave me quite a lot of insight into the type of project I wanted to start doing.

Rachael spoke a lot about how research influences her practice which interested me but was something I was quite sure how to balance in terms of your practice. After speaking to her after the talk she gave me some useful tips on how to approach research with your work. Particularly that I use structured questions, and ask myself why I want to do the work I am doing.


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