Tate Exchange 2019

This year I worked at the Tate Exchange with PurpleStars and ArtLab the exchange consisted of ‘a series of participatory workshops that will enable visitors to explore the theme of movement’.

On my first day, I was mainly working with PurpleStars, they had created an “airport lounge” for people to come and sit in and we were encouraging members of the public to come and share a story about any journey they had taken!

One of the workshops was a ‘listen and draw’ activity, people were asked to draw in response to some sound pieces created by 1st-year art students with individual silent disco headphones.

The second workshop of Ar Lab’s was a selfie sphere which was a big shiny ball suspended from the ceiling. Participants were given the option to draw a self-portrait in this sphere and then take a 360 image with a GoPro with these self-portraits on their head, or just take 360 photos as they pleased.

The final ArtLab station was Augmented Reality (AR) through an iPad, which was displayed onto a monitor. Here people and the children especially interacted with the images of things like bats and butterflies displayed.

Overall, this was a fun and rewarding experience being able to share these fun creative workshops with the public at the Tate and hope to keep taking part in it until I graduate.

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