Week 8 Crit

Here are some of the notes I took from my crit session

  • Quilting creates linking to storytelling, Fragmented like having two different versions of the same story
  • Headphones may not be majorly inviting, asks the audience to put an extra effort in (I think this might be a good effect, as engaging with an unfamiliar culture is at times uncomfortable and requires an extra effort)
  • The language barrier can be decolonising by not having the language in English/ creates discomfort (though the history still prevalent because one of them is in French, colonial language)
  • One pillow and two headphones – confuses the audience?
  • Liked the contrast of the colour of the fabric to the muted colours of the calabash, the net and case

I found that most people did listen to both headphones but that the seating wasn’t necessarily as effective as I’d hope to create an intimate experience. I did find, however, that people would walk around the piece whilst listening which I thought was also an effective way of creating a relationship between the story and the piece.

An obvious dilemma I face with the story is that they are both not in English to a majority anglophone audience. I only had one French-speaking classmate who could understand one of the pieces.

Although there is this language barrier, I still stand by keeping the recordings in French and Wolof. I feel that to translate into English would take away an important link to the source of the story. I think the experience of having to hear a story in a language one doesn’t understand recreates the impact of engaging with something unfamiliar, and that the audience will have to create their own relationship to the pirogue from what they visually see and experience.

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