Pirogue design

After doing my research I played around with the idea of creating my own design for a pirogue, which would be in homage to the spirit of Mame Coumba Bang. From the video I had watched, I decided to incorporate personal aspects to the design of the pirogue. Like many pirogues, I incorporated the colours and design of the Senegalese flag, but I also incorporated the colours of the Norwegian flag.  I thought this was important as these are the two countries which have influenced my identity and upbringing the most as both my parents are from Senegal but I was born in Norway and spent most of my early years there.

I also found it quite significant to name the pirogue after Mame Coumba Bang, most fishermen do tend to give their pirogues a female name but also significantly the video I watched of the pirogue painter mentioned that it was important to have an emblem which brings luck to the fishermen. As the protector of the town and the waters, having the pirogue named after Mame Coumba Bang was my way of symbolising the luck needed.

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