Building a pirogue

For my piece, I decided to be a bit ambitious and go out of my comfort zone as from the start I was drawn to the idea of creating my own version of a pirogue. As I wanted to create a physical object that the audience could engage with that I felt was a significant symbol of the fisherman’s culture in Saint Louis.

After figuring out the maths behind the measurements, I started off by cutting out the external shape of the pirogue.

After this, Adam recommended I create an internal frame to give strength to the structure as seen below:

Once the frame was built, I attached the MDF boards to it:

This process was quite a lot more difficult than I expected, I hadn’t built anything in the workshop since my first year at university so going in with this idea at first was a bit daunting. Although some of the measurements didn’t come out perfect, I’m glad I dove in headfirst and took the risk of trying as I am really proud of the structure that I have managed to build over the Easter break.

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