Pirogue painting

After creating my pirogue, I had to update my initial design idea to one which would fit the proportions of the structure I had built and this was the final version:


As most pirogue’s have their designs on a white background, I started off by painting a white base

I then went onto to drawing out the design I planned to paint, this proved rather challenging as the shapes were quite organic so quite difficult to try and measure out, I mainly had to do it by freehand.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below is the first stage of completing the painting, I now plan to make some of the edges smoother and to add a few layers of paint in some areas


After some refinement this is what the pirogue looks like, I’m quite happy with it although the lines are still not quite as clean as I would’ve liked, in future, I would perhaps have used masking tape in order to prevent this.

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