This installation incorporates selected works from my exploration. This piece, which began as a way to reflect on my own personal relationship with my hair, has become a celebration of the bond between black women through their shared experience.


It’s Not Just Hair

Multimedia Installation

18 x A3 Watercolour and fineliner on watercolour paper, Sound piece: 39mins 54secs, Diptych Film – Part 1: 3mins 07secs, Part 2: 2mins 34secs, Flat Screen TVs, Headphones, Speakers

May 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have created my piece in a virtual exhibition space. In an actual exhibition space, the sound piece would have been played out loud, the voices of the women depicted in the portraits dominating the space.

My diptypch Confession Salon/Bedroom Confession would have been shown alongside one another on flat screen TVs. The audience is invited to watch the individual videos and listen to the audio through headphones, creating an intimate experience between the audience and the piece.

To play the sound piece, click the speaker icon. To view individual watercolour portraits close-up, click the image and click Back to return to the exhibition space. Click the TV screens to play the videos.

(Slide 2 = Exhibition Space, Slides 3 to 20 = Close up of individual watercolour portraits, Slide 21 = Embedded Youtube video of diptyph films)